Effortless expense tracking

Make every dollar count by capturing your expenses anywhere, anytime, and on the go.
How can Okke help you?
  • We do the data entry

    Connect your bank to say goodbye to slow, manual expense tracking.

    We’re connected with major Aussie banks and credit card providers to securely import your business transaction as they happen, without the fear of typos. This makes reconciliation and expense tracking as smooth as silk.

  • Picture perfect deductions

    Snap pictures of your receipts as soon as you make a purchase and store them in okke. We’ll keep them safe and secure so that you don’t have to.

    Then, easily assign your receipts to an expense entry to ensure you never miss out on a deduction again. No more messy shoebox of receipts!

  • Get insights that make sense

    Up-to-date expense tracking can make or break a small business.

    Thankfully, your okke dashboard shows you exactly how your costs are stacking up at any moment. Simply add your expenses and we’ll show you your tax liability, GST and profit.

Even more effortless expenses:

Manage, sort and store documents

Upload bills, invoices or receipts and keep them tagged and categorised in okke.

Customisable categories

Enjoy the flexibility of creating custom categories to suit your business.

Share with your accountant

Sharing is caring. Invite your accountant to share access with okke – at no extra cost.

Automatically calculate GST

We’ll watch your GST for you, with auto-calculations and a tax liability tracker.

Speedy bank reconciliation

Match up your bank transactions with your expenses in a few clicks.

Upload images or pdfs

Got a invoice pdf? No worries. Store and tag it in okke alongside your receipts.

More affordable for you.

Designed for sole traders. Built for growth.

Our customers say it best

Other expenses questions

  • Expense tracking software helps to track and categories your expenses all in one place. Instead of a spreadsheet, a filing cabinet and your bank account, expense tracking software stores your receipts, sorts your expenses into categories, and shows you how much money you are making or losing at any time.

    Another things it does is help to secure the most deductions at the end of the year by keeping a permanent, searchable record.

  • There are plenty of reasons to use expense tracking software. As a sole trader you don’t have the extra time to spend your weekends managing your bookkeeping. Expense tracking software makes it much less time consuming.

    Also, it helps you save money by seeing your expenses as they happen and claiming tax deductions for your business expenses. Handy!

  • Uploading new documents through Snap and Store is an optional add-on for okke. You can enable it by logging into the software, going to My Account, and selecting the addon in the checkout.

    You can add and remove addons at any time, however removing an addon will take effect at the end of the billing period.

  • You can add receipts and other documents by either taking a photo or downloading the document (for example if it’s an email attachement). okke accepts both images and pdfs, so you can upload either and assign them to an expense expense entry.